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About Us was established in 1995 by the author, Dan Morean. is the oldest retail beer can and brewery advertising web site on the internet.

In about 1976, a friend of mine, Mike Flask, introduced me to beer can collecting. Mike's father, Frank, worked for the C. Schmidt & Sons brewery in Cleveland. Each time a new can was introduced at the brewery, Frank would take one of the cans home for Mike. Back then, I acquired cans by walking along the road and looking for them, digging around old dumps, trading with other kids in the neighborhood, and buying from older collectors/dealers at flea markets.

Around 1995, I began buying and selling cans on the internet (which, by the way, is a heck of a lot more efficient than walking along miles of roadsides and rummaging through flea markets and garage sales). When I formally launched the website in 1996, there was only one other site of its kind on the internet. That site went out of business many years ago. Today, there are many web sites devoted to beer cans and old beer advertising.

In 1997, I left the practice of law to devote myself full-time to has remained my sole occupation since.

In 2000, opened its brick and mortar retail store in Brimfield, Massachusetts. It is a 5,000 square feet facility with 4 rooms filled with beer cans and breweriana. Please see the "Brick and Mortar" section of "About Us" for more information about our off-line store. is the only beer can and/or breweriana website to also have a brick and mortar store.

In the years since 1995, the finest beer can and breweriana collections in the world (those of Bussey, Kates, King, Lilek, McCoy, Skalla, Stark, Runge & McCaslin to name a few) have been sold with great success on No other web site or person has handled more top quality cans than

Today, remains the market leader for beer cans and breweriana. There is a team of several dedicated contributors at We attribute our success to dealing honestly and with transparency. When we buy beer cans and breweriana, we empower the seller with full disclosure of all information related to their items, including retail value and we pay a higher percentage of retail (sometimes more than retail if items are for the author's personal collection!) than our competitors. When we sell, the same philosophy of honesty and transparency applies. We always empower buyers with full discolosure or all relevant facts, incuding quantities of items found, imperfections, etc. You will find the claims made on are backed with solid proof as you browse our site.